Guajiru is a beautiful beach in Ceará, a distance of 133 km to Fortaleza and 18 km to Trairi. White sandy beaches, ,fishing corrals and a small fishing village in the municipality of Trairi,. with approximately 6 km of beaches, located on the west coast of Ceará it is one of the main beaches in the area..

The Beach in Guajiru began to be populated as early as the 19th century 19, when several families, between 1870 and 1913, moved to the area, atracted by fertile land and the abundance of fish. Its Residents Association was created 1988, in response to the growth and urbanization of the locality.

Around the year 1872, a Portuguese ship appeared on coastline, between Mundau and Paracuru, aboard was the Portuguese princess Maria Furtado de Mendonça carrying a golden statue of Our Lady of Deliverance. It is said that, it was a frail ship which ultimately was the reason the vessel ran into trouble. Fearing she would not survive, the Princess made a promise to the saint: that if they mad it to dry land (and the crew and family were saved), she would buy a stretch of land and build a chapel in honour of the holy saint. They managed to anchor on the beach of Guajiru, they found people who helped direct them, and they started walking towards Trairi, where they found three small houses. It was there that she did what she had promised, They built the chapel and donated the golden statue. Among the people who worked in the building were Raimunda Jarda, and John Veronica.

At the same time, Indians who inhabited the trairienses land, passed by Guajiru beach and settled in the area, formerly called Flecheirinha.. The Guajiru name came from a common fruit in the region. Over time more and more people came to the village. The first residents of Guajiru were Manoel Grande and Dock Magalhães.

Today Guajiru has a nursery, a school and a community group of more than 400 members. Via this association the community has created most of the facilities. The Chapel of Our Lady of the Navigators is located in Plaza Pedro Neco. The 15 August marks the day of the patron saint of the district of Guajirú, Nossa Senhora dos Navegantes, with 9 days of parties and celebrations. Inside, the chapel has a holy image donated by the town of Icarai de Amontada.


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